On a Universal Scale,
At a Down To Earth Cost

Meteor Strategies exists to turn your daily technology stress into organizational success.

We are the only company to harmonize labour and modern technology in order to advance your marketing, organizational efficiency, and overall profits.


Our Mission
  • Web Development
  • Digital Efficiency
  • Re-Branding

The Daily Struggle

Wasn't technology supposed to make things easier?

Companies spend countless time and money every year trying to improve their technology and workplace efficiency. Yet end up wrestling with both.

Up until now, the only options an organization had were tech companies that do not understand humans, and labour companies that do not understand technology.

Producing Better Results Together

Machines & Humans in Harmony

Meteor has mastered the harmony between technology and labour, making it possible to centralize your organizational strategies.

The need for quality branding, websites, applications, marketing, and security, all while maintaining an efficient workforce is more important than ever. All of this can spread your organization in a myriad of directions.

How can Meteor Strategies help?

Unique Skillset = Unique Services

Your Meteoric Star Map

One person today using basic technology and information, can accomplish what it took 100 people to do a century ago.

With this in mind, Meteor Strategies implements the right technology and works to increase knowledge and understanding across an entire organization.

Resulting in meteoric growth of both labour and technology.

How Meteor Works

Meteor Strategies utilizes a scientific approach with our clients. This helps minimize the influence of bias or prejudice when working on creative goals and projects.


Everything starts with a vision

A Meteor Strategist will meet with you in person to help us understand your expected project goals and how you envision them.

Meteor Strategies provides this service Free of Charge to new clients


Measure Twice - Cut Once

Your Meteor Strategist will build a customized plan including timelines, pricing, and required resources needed to execute the project.


"Without execution, 'vision' is just another word for hallucination."

Each of our Strategists employs a diverse skillset which allows us to provide superior quality and expedited timelines to our clients.


Fasten Your Seatbelts

Time to launch your project to the world! Meteor utilizes social media, email marketing, and direct mail marketing campaigns to magnify your exposure to your current and future stakeholders.

The Strategies

Meteor enables a more cost efficient and stress free approach to upgrading your organization.
Why utilize four seperate companies instead of one?

  • Branding

    You wouldn't be reading this if you weren't contemplating a face lift. How attractive is your organization?

  • Media

    Photography, Videography, Digital and Print Media design. Meteor has you covered.

  • Web Development

    Responsive, sleek, and modern websites. Meteor covers both upgrades, and new website builds.

  • Cybersecurity

    The threat to your organizations digital, physical, and personal information evolves with every passing day.


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